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FRAT Process Committee Report
May 22, 2002


The Process Committee has the following charge from the Front Range Agility Team: "Look into the standard rules and operating procedures for the club…" *Procedures for club meetings *Event committees Definition of the committees/positions: Starting times and duration of terms, solicitation/election of committees *Standing Positions *Yearly calendar of events/committee selection Recommendations:

  • Procedures for club meetings

    • President will continue to establish the agenda as they have previously, in the same sequence.

    • There will be a volunteer at each meeting who will take names of those persons wishing to speak.

    • Each person wishing to speak will signal the name taker of their wish to speak by raising their hand. They will be listed in order of recognition by the name taker.

    • The president will recognize each person as his or her name comes up on the list.

    • Each person will be allowed 2 minutes to speak each time s/he is recognized by the chair.

    • At any time in the discussion, a person recognized to speak may make a motion. A second is then required.

    • Further limited discussion will then be allowed.

    • At the conclusion of the discussion, or when a club member calls the question, the motion will be summarized to the club members present by the chair or the secretary. The motion's initiator may make corrections to the motion.

    • A vote will be taken.

  • Event Committees

    • These were formerly the trial committees. Using the word 'events ' will allow us to include other events as well as trials, such as fun matches and seminars. There will be one committee per event.

    • A trial committee will consist of the following positions(as appropriate): Chairman, Secretary, Chief Ring Steward, Chief Course Builder, Chief scorekeeper, Hospitality. [Equipment, Vendor Coordinator, Facility Coordinator. As needed before trial only - NOT on committee]

Committee members:

  • Chairman:

    • Selected 12 months prior to the event

    • Selects judges, based on suggestions by club members

    • Sends trial application to appropriate sponsoring organization

    • Writes judge's contract letters, keeps signed copies

    • Coordinates judge's hotel/flight arrangements/transportation to and from hotel on day of trial

    • Assists with creation of Premium list with secretary

    • Orders Porta Potties (as needed)

    • Orders security (as needed)

    • Presents monthly written summary of decisions made by committee and other progress to date at monthly club meetings.

    • Describes each event coordinator's progress.

  • Secretary: (Paid Position)

    • Bids solicited from club members at club meeting 9 months prior to event. Selection of secretary will be by vote of club members 8 months prior to event. If no bids by club members are received 9 months prior to event, bids will be solicited from persons outside the club for selection 8 months prior to the event.

    • Creates Premium List - sends premium list to appropriate organization for approval

    • Mails out premium list from mailing list

    • Handles all monies, entries

    • Creates run order/confirmations/moveups

    • Creates contestant #s

    • Creates catalog

    • Mails confirmations

    • Puts packets together for contestants

    • Answers questions pertaining to run order/selection/entries

    • Hands out all materials at trial

    • Prepares any score sheets/computer programs for scoring

    • Informs chairman of judge's fees, if based on # of runs

    • Prepares final report/scores to send to appropriate organization. Sends in final report. All other committee members will be selected 7 months prior to event.

  • Hospitality:

    • Decides food vendor, if applicable, and types of food available 

    • Decides food available at trial, for workers and judges

    • Sets up hospitality table early each morning & clean everything up each evening. Makes sure someone empties all trash barrels each evening.

    • Check with judge periodically throughout the day for refreshment & lunch needs.

    • Provide drinks for all workers & judges at trial Arranges for coolers, ice, coffee pot *Hot coffee & tea in morning *Cold drinks throughout the day:: bottled water, selection of cola, diet cola, juices. Need to be iced all day.

    • Provides something to eat for the workers coming early in the morning, such as donuts, rolls, bagels

    • Provide light munchies for workers & judges throughout the day, such as fruit, pretzels, candy, and cookies.

    • Make arrangements for the judge's dinner (as of June 2000) following the trial.

  • Chief Course Builder:

    • Assembles equipment at site

    • Responsible for setting of the courses per the judge’s design

    • Responsible for directing assistants in setting of all courses during trial

    • Makes minor repairs to equipment during the trial

    • Assists in unloading/loading of equipment to trailer

  • Chief Score Keeper:

    • Finds assistants to assist with scoring

    • Does actual scoring and/or oversees assistants

    • Posts scores to computer or sheets

    • Responsible for ensuring that the score keeping is being done correctly and that all assistants know the proper procedure.

    • Prints/writes scores to be posted. Posts scores as soon as available.

    • Makes sure ribbons and placements are marked.

    • Keeps track of individual score sheets, tally sheets and composite records to be sent to appropriate organization by trial secretary.

    • Coordinates with judge(s) as necessary

  • Chief Ring Steward:

    • Finds volunteers to work various jobs at trial: including Scribe, Timer, Scribe Assistant, Jump Stewards, Chute Steward, Gate Steward, Leash Runner, Scribe Runner, Course Builders, Set up Crew, Take down Crew, Floaters

    • Sets up worker schedule; communicate the schedule to workers; describe job to workers/match jobs to workers

    • Communicates with workers during trial.

    • Assures smooth running of trial

    • Assists in getting competitors to line on time

    • Distributes lunch coupons to workers

The following Coordinators are standing positions, whose jobs are to make sure their respective duties are taken care of on an on-going basis. All standing positions are elected for a 2-year term, with the exception of membership, who is the current vice president. All duties are to be completed prior to each event. They are to be contacted by the event chairman as needed to assure that these duties are completed prior to each event.

  • Awards Coordinator:

    • There may be one per venue (AKC, USDAA, NADAC )

    • Orders and maintains inventory of ribbons.

    • Assists trial awards chairman with ribbons

  • Equipment Coordinator:

    • Maintains all equipment in operating order at all times

    • Orders and repairs any new equipment that the club decides on.

    • Maintains the trailer in working order.

    • Assists trial Chief Course Builder with making sure equipment is present at trial.

  • Vendor Coordinator:

    • Keeps listing of vendors who wish to be present at events.

    • Is point of contact for all vendors.

    • Informs Trial Chairman of vendors who wish to be present at trial.

    • Is responsible for sending contracts/agreements to approved vendors.

  • Facility Coordinator:

    • Point of contact for recreation districts, such as Applewood Park, Jefferson County, Adams County

    • Is responsible for registering dates for upcoming trial with the particular venue they are responsible for.

    • There may be more than one per venue, or there may be one person in charge of all venues.

  • Membership:

    • Current Vice President.

    • Receives applications and presents them to the club for voting.

    • Maintains a current membership/mailing list.

Other event committees will be selected on the same basic schedule as trials.

There are no specific committee members or limitations to number of members for these events.


Yearly Calendar

A yearly calendar will be created, which will list the dates of all FRAT events and the dates at which various positions will be selected by the club. This calendar will be posted in the newsletter as well as at each meeting

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