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Barbara Handler Junior Handler Scholarship

The purpose of this document is to outline the distribution process for the Front Range Agility Team’s funds on behalf of the Barbara Handler Scholarship fund.  The fund was created as a means to encourage youth to participate in the sport of agility.  A Junior Handler is any participant 18 years or younger registered with AKC or USDAA or who routinely handles a specific dog with NADAC living in the Rocky Mountain Region, including Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.  Any Junior Handler can participate, not just club members.


The distribution of the funds will occur in two phases.

Phase 1:          

Front Range Agility Team will distribute up to $1000 annually by calendar year to eligible Junior Handlers.    The monies will be awarded to junior handlers for participation at one of the affiliated agility nationals (e.g. AKC, NADAC, USDAA, CPE).  Each junior can receive a maximum of $250 per calendar year.  Each junior handler wishing to apply for funds must submit a request thru the Board of Directors by filing the application. The application can be downloaded from one of the links below (see bottom of page). Money will be distributed before attendance but must be forfeited if the JH does not compete.

Phase 2:          

Because certain venues do not allow for reduced fees for any participants, Front Range Agility Team will offer performance vouchers for Junior Handlers for each of its agility venues after participation.  The vouchers can then be used for entries to future FRAT (or FRAAD) trials.  The amount of the voucher will be equal to the amount of entry minus club expenses (e.g. recording fees, secretary fees, judge’s fees) for each class the junior participates in regardless of qualification status.  It is the responsibility of the Trial Secretary to specify this in each premium.  The Treasurer will track the vouchers separate from other vouchers to account for money distribution.  The exceptions are NADAC and possibly CPE which do allow for reduced entries for juniors.  Junior Handler status must be identified upon entry to a trial for the performance voucher to be issued.  The secretary should report these numbers to the Treasurer upon completion of these trials for accounting purposes.

Click here to download the Junior Handler Information

Click here to download the Scholarship Application

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