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The Front Range Agility Team (FRAT), also known as Front Range Agility Association of Denver (FRAAD), is one of the largest and most active Dog Agility organizations along the Front Range of Colorado.

FRAT hosts several agility trials a year supporting AKC, USDAA and UKI organizations. In addition to the many agility events hosted by FRAT we also host seminars and fun matches. Members live all over the state and many of our members are frequent qualifiers to national and international events and tournaments.

If you are interested in becoming a member of FRAT, the membership form is located on the menu above.


Our Objectives

Help promote agility training among the dog community in Colorado.

Provide up to date knowledge for successful agility training

Coordinate agility training and competitions for dogs and their handlers.

Promote cooperation, inclusivity, harmony, and good sportsmanship among members in the training and exhibiting of dogs.

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