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Trial Secretary

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AKC Trial Secretary

The Trial Secretary is a paid position. It requires a person that is willing to complete tasks as a self-starter. The position requires strong computer skills and a strong understanding of Trial Genie and MS Access, and MS Outlook. There is no technical support, so this position requires a person that can solve computer issues alone. The secretary must have the ability to work well with people and handle the stress of a trial environment. Additionally, the secretary must be current on ALL AKC Rules and Regulations. All correspondence sent as the club representative should be up-to-date. The Secretary must have high speed internet access.

Secretarial duties will include, but not necessarily limited to, are: Preparation and AKC approval of the premium at a minimum of two months before the opening date. The premium should be reviewed by the trial chair and made available to all potential exhibitors. Verification of Trial information reported on the AKC website, including set-up and maintenance of Online entries. Input of all entries and maintenance of wait-list, if necessary; download online entries into test database and final download of online entries after closing. In the case of a one-ring trial, the secretary will understand the Random Draw process for both online and paper entries. Send out preliminary and final confirmations to exhibitors and, if a random draw trial, send exhibitors “in for the draw” status and waitlist status notifications.

A comprehensive and Balanced Treasurer’s report, including the online entries, and each participant’s checks which will be given to the Treasurer at an agreed upon time, as close to closing as possible. Preparation of all necessary trial documents including: Confirmation letters, gate steward sheets, blank labels, blank catalogs, emergency scoring documents, running orders, check-in documents, emergency disaster documents, facility signs, and Judging Schedule. Manage the day-to-day trial and oversee the Chief Scorekeepers to insure that the catalog is completed and signed by the judges.

The trial results will be displayed electronically and the exhibitors will have access to their scores via a computer. The set-up for this requires the secretary understand how to network computers and access the database within the network. The secretary will be available for check-in and any other issue that may arise. At the conclusion of the trial, complete all AKC required paperwork and file it with AKC in accordance to their procedures within the given time-frame, so as not to be assessed a penalty. Additionally, email all exhibitors their final results and email AKC the electronic catalog.

USDAA Trial Secretary