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Trial Chair

Welcome to Front Range Agility Team


1) Coordinate with Site Coordinator to verify site selection, dates and contract

2) Determine number of rings, number of judges, and classes to be offered

3) Coordinate with Secretary to verify event dates, entry opening and closing dates, limits, etc.

4) Advertise trial if new dates or locations

5) Secure judge(s) or work with Judge Coordinator (AKC) and confirm with judge(s)

6) Finalize judging contract(s)

7) Send judge(s) their class assignments, ring dimensions, and list of equipment

8) Submit Trial Application online

9) Complete judging assignments online

10) Select committee members

11) Verify with Awards Coordinator that ribbons are ordered and Championship Bars prepared

12) Verify with Equipment Coordinator that all equipment is ready

13) Secure equipment with outside providers if necessary (club swap or rental)

14) Arrange for Concessionaire, if necessary (Could be done by Hospitality or Vendor Coordinator?)

15) Coordinate with CRS on number of all-day volunteers needed

16) Confirm with outside help (dog clubs, social groups, baseball teams) for all-day volunteers if needed

17) Assist Secretary in Premium preparation

18) Check for hotels & RV parks in area near trial site that accept dogs

19) Verify with Secretary that Premium has been posted to group lists, club website, and sent to judge(s)

20) Make hotel reservations for judge(s)

21) Arrange judge’s transportation (rental car or transportation from/to airport and to/from site)

22) Make arrangements to transport club equipment to trial site

23) Confirm with Loaning club/Rental transport of their equipment to trial site; Verify Timers since they are stored separately

24) Arrange committee/judge(s)/rep parking passes if needed

25) Arrange for Security for outdoor trials if needed

26) Rent porta-potties if needed

27) Rent stanchions, tables and chairs if needed

28) Rent swamp coolers, fans if needed

29) Purchase Judge Gift(s)

30) Submit paperwork for VMO(s) (AKC only), check with Secretary on which VMOs are entered

31) Coordinate with Vendor person regarding number and location of vendors

32) Confirm with Awards Coordinator that ribbons, Championship bars, etc, will be available

33) Coordinate setup: post notice, determine leads for each area if desired (course setup, barrier setup , crating setup, misc. setup, etc)

34) Make sure miscellaneous non-secretarial supplies are purchased (ring barrier, batteries, surveyor tape, etc.)

35) Make sure club checkbook and valid signatory will be available

36) Coordinate with Secretary on final preparation a. Coordinate to set up judging schedule b. Verify that confirmations/judging programs have been sent/posted, including to judge(s) c. Coordinate to provide necessary signs d. Confirm that all computer systems are working and ready

37) Coordinate with CRS to get the volunteer spreadsheets posted and that positions are filled

38) Coordinate to get the volunteer vouchers printed (currently done by Red I believe)

39) Coordinate with Site Coordinator on final site preparation a. Surface preparation (dirt – fluffed, grass – mowed & irrigation off, inside – extra items moved (soccer nets, etc.) b. Availability of: Keys, People gates (Dougco), Water/hose, Electricity, Bathrooms, as needed

40) Confirm with Hospitality on final preparation a. Lunches or concessionaire will be available b. Judge(s) special food requests will be available c. Arrangement of coffee, make or through concessionaire

41) Coordinate with Judge(s) for final arrangements a. Confirm travel, transportation and hotel arrangements b. Confirm for special food/beverage needs, forward to Hospitality c. Get course setup maps

42) Arrange Judge’s Dinner (check that judges want to attend), invite committee (Could be done by Hospitality?)

43) Arrange payment for Judge(s) (get W-9), concessionaire, trailer haulers, all-day volunteers, hospitality, etc.)

44) Confirm with Secretary that final paperwork, Trial Report and Fees are submitted

45) Hand out vouchers for take-down after everything is completed by key workers

46) Collect Lost and Found, post to the list

47) Lock up or check out with staff.