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Titles and Abbreviations

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Agility Titles and Abbreviations

American Kennel Club

Organization Class Abbrev. Title Number of legs AKC Novice NA Novice Agility 3 AKC Open OA Open Agility 3 AKC Excellent A AX Agility Excellent 3 AKC Excellent B MX Master Agility Excellent 10 AKC Novice JWW NAJ Novice Agility Jumpers 3 AKC Open JWW OAJ Open Agility Jumpers 3 AKC Excellent A JWW AXJ Agility Excellent Jumpers 3 AKC Excellent B JWW MXJ Master Agility Excellent Jumpers 10 AKC Excellent B MACH Masters Agility Champion 750 Mach points plus 20 QQ's 6 Double QQ's and 400 points are required to qualify for Nationals United Kennel Club Organization Class Abbrev. Title Number of legs UKC Agility I U-AgI Agility Level 1 3 UKC Agility I I U-AgII Agility Level 2 3 UKC Agility I, II U-ACH Agility Champion Point system UKC Agility III U-ACHX Agility Champion Excellent 5

United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA)

Agility Titles Championship, Performance, and Veterans Programs Class Champ Perf Vet Title Number of legs Starters/Novice AD PDI VAD Agility Dog (or) Performance Dog I 3 Advanced AAD PDII VAAD Advanced Agility Dog (or) Performance Dog II 3 Masters MAD PDIII VMAD Master Agility Dog (or) Performance Dog III MAD: 7 (3 std, 4 games) Vet, Perf: 3 std Snooker SM PS VS Snooker Master (or Perf. Sn.) 5 (3 in top 15% for SM, PS) Gamblers GM PG VG Gamblers Master (or Perf. Gamb.) 5 Pairs Relay RM n/a n/a Relay Master 5 Jumpers JM PJ VJ Jumpers Master (or Perf. Jmp.) 5 Several ADCH APD VPD Agility Dog Champion (or) Accomplished Performance Dog (or) Veteran Performance Dog 27 (7* std, 20 games) 22 (7 std, 15 games) 18 (3 std, 15 games) Juniors JH-BA Junior Handler-Beginner Agility 1 Juniors JH-EA Junior Handler-Elementary Agility 2 Juniors JH-IA Junior Handler-Intermediate Agility 3 Juniors JH-SA Junior Handler-Senior Agility 3 * Only 3 required if dog completes MAD by Jan. 1, 2000

North American Dog Agility Association (NADAC)

Titles Abbrev. Title Pts Needed Pts for Outst. Pts for Super. NAC Novice Agility 30 100 200 OAC Open Agility 30 100 200 EAC Elite Agility 30 200 400 NJC Novice Jumpers 20 50 100 OJC Open Jumpers 20 50 100 EJC Elite Jumpers 20 100 200 NGC Novice Gamblers 20 50 100 OGC Open Gamblers 20 50 100 EGC Elite Gamblers 20 100 200 NATCH NADAC Agility Trial Champion 200 in Reg., 100 each in G&J doubled tripled