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Officers, Board Members, & Other Positions

Welcome to Front Range Agility Team

Members Page Notes - To have your information added to the members' section contact Morganne Wagoner-Perry 

Items to Include: Handler (with link to email) Pictures and/or web site Dog name (Breed) title

2017 Officers and Board Members

President: Suzy Hiskey

Vice President: Beth Godwin

Treasurer: Jamie Horacek

Secretary: Red Johnson

Board Members: Amy Galperin, Jim Gregory, Amanda Glazar

Other Positions

AKC Judges Coordinator - Beth Godwin

FRAT Librarian - Susie deKeiffer

Newsletter Coordinator - Bev Brinson

Ribbon Coordinators:

  AKC - Beth Godwin

DOCNA - Red Johnson

USDAA - Carol Aikin

Site Coordinators:

   Dougco - Shar Henry

   Jeffco - Red Johnson

   Schaeffer - BJ Walker

Vendor Coordinator - Mardee Kaiser

Equipment Managers - Bob Aikin, Jim Gregory

Web Master - Morganne Wagoner-Perry

Yahoo Group Moderators - Shar Henry, Twila Becker, and FRAT Vice President



Who are we?
The Front Range Agility Team is one of the most active organizations along the Front Range of Colorado hosting several Agility Trials throughout the year. Our members live all over the state and many have won national tournaments.

Why Join FRAT?
There are many advantages to belonging to a dog club and each owner probably has different reasons. FRAT's objectives are to promote and encourage the sport of dog agility within the State of Colorado. We sponsor many trials throughout the year, and host seminars taught by professionals in the sport. Many of the seminars are limited to club members only. We allow mixed- breed dogs as well as purebreds to join.

Who should join?

Those who: 

  • Love agility.

  • Are willing to volunteer in some of the many events we host.

  • Desire to share and receive ideas on how to improve their agility performance

  • Want to enjoy the social of fellow enthusiasts. 

  • Are already working their buns off at events and want to be on the inside.

  • Want to have the privilege of learning from top instructors only available to members.

If this describes you, then you're a perfect candidate for the Front Range Agility Team!

What should you do next?

Please review the FRAT BY-LAWS

Membership Applications