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Welcome to Front Range Agility Team


Coordinates with trial chair to get the judge(s) special requests for snacks and drinks prior to the trial Coordinates with the trial chair for coffee – vendor coupons, or bring in coffee. If vendor coupons are going to be used, print the coupons prior to the trial.

Sets up hospitality table early each morning and cleans the hospitality area each evening.

Sets up judge’s cooler and judge’s snacks in a location convenience for them.

Orders lunch for workers and judge if a food vendor isn’t at the trial Check with judge(s) periodically throughout the day for refreshment & lunch needs

Provide drinks for all workers and judges at trial Arranges for coolers, water, ice, and coffee each morning for the workers and judge(s). Cold drinks need to be iced all day

Provides something to eat for the workers coming early in the morning, such as donuts, rolls, bagels Provides light munchies for workers and judges throughout the day, such as fruit, pretzels, candy and cookies

Replenishes hospitality supplies (paper goods), if needed, throughout the trial Cleans bowls/containers at the end of the trial prior to re-packing in the trailer.

At the conclusion of the trial re-packs the hospitality trailer