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Chief Score Keeper

Welcome to Front Range Agility Team

Chief Score Keeper- All Venues

The Chief Score Keeper assists in setting up the score table for the trial. Getting computers set up and running. Testing to make sure all functions are working correctly. Setting up the tables for the scoring and for the Judges. Ensuring all necessary supplies are out and available for the start of the trial.

Chief Score Keeper assist the secretary in the managing of the score table making sure all scores are entered in the computer correctly, all reports (posting results and catalog and ribbon labels) are run and checked before posting the results and giving the catalog with scribe sheets to the Judge for their approval. Once approved by the Judge, then makes sure all ribbon labels are out for the competitors and the catalog is filed in the specific book for the class type and in the order required by the venue (AKC,DOCNA,USDAA).

At each day end, assists in making sure the Judges have all their reports, all move ups are done in the computer, with the scribe sheets and on the gate sheets. Assists in running all gate sheets for the next day and posting on the boards for the competitors to check in on the next trial day.

At trial end, assists the secretary in getting all final paperwork printed and ready for submission. Including putting the judges reports together for them the take with them. The catalog pages are all together and approved by the judge and put in the books in the order required by the venue.

Makes sure all ribbon labels are out so they can be picked up by the competitors.

Helps in packing up all supplies and making sure it is loaded in the yellow trailer and all items needed by the Secretary are loaded with the Secretary’s personal items.

Requires working knowledge of computers. Organization skills and people skills to assist those volunteers who help at the score table and to answer competitor’s scoring questions. Also requires staying to the very end each day making sure all records are finalized and stored as needed.