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Chief Ring Steward

Welcome to Front Range Agility Team

Chief Ring Steward

The Chief Ring Steward schedules the workers for each ring. There can be up to 3 Chief Ring Stewards depending on how many rings are running. (1 per ring) The CRS needs to be there for set up to get the volunteer table ready and make sure there are enough tables and chairs for workers in each ring.

The CRS also needs to be there at the end of each day to make sure all rings have been manned including the last class of the day and to make sure all is set up for the next trial day. On the last trial day the CRS needs to be there until the end to clean up their area and help to close the trial down which includes loading equipment and cleaning up. 

The CRS creates and maintains a Google Spreadsheet for volunteer sign up. The spreadsheet link is posted to the Colorado Agility Yahoo group with all the worker positions required to run the trial. The spreadsheet also includes any all day workers or Rescue group helping at the trial.

Pre Trial Prep: 3 days prior to the trial, makes any adjustments to the workers and prints the Google Doc Worker Sheet and have enlarged for use at the trial.

At The Trial: Posts the worker’s sheets at the worker table for those who didn’t sign up on line and to fill the blank positions. Calls for workers as needed to make sure each ring has enough workers to complete each class or height group. Issues workers vouchers to those who worked and makes sure the Key Position people have enough to give to their workers.(Chief Course Builders, Chief Score Keepers, Chair).

The Last classes of the day and the First classes of the day are usually the hardest to fill. But they are equally important to have manned. It can be helpful to split a worker spots as needed for walking courses or giving all day worker breaks as needed. Should the score table be a long way from the ring, or like Jeffco where there is a barrier.Two scribe runners may be used if the distance from the ring to the score table is far.