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Chief Course Builder

Welcome to Front Range Agility Team

Chief Course Builder 

Be at the trial site to set up and do the ring layout as per instructions and measurements provided by judges and trial chair. Make sure there is enough space between walls, barriers, fences and obstacles.

Assemble timers, set displays and speakers.

Ensure there is power (electrical or battery) to all components.

Plug in drill battery chargers. Charge drill batteries if necessary.

Make sure teeter weight and tire scale are available for the judge.

Supervise the ring set up. During the event be available to set up new courses as needed.

Coordinate with other CCBs to be sure someone is always in on a ring re-set.

Make sure all equipment is assembled correctly.

Make sure all equipment is set correctly and secured after the judge’s review of course.

Check equipment for any necessary repairs or replacements and notify equipment manager.

Be on site for trial tear down and be sure that at least one CCB is supervising the trailer loading process.